Recent Before & After Photos

Sewage in a Crawlspace in Villa Park, IL

SERVPRO of Lombard/Addison is ready for anything. We received a call for a home with a significant drain back up in the crawlspace. The owner of the home was u... READ MORE

Sprinkler Malfunction in Addison, IL

Did you know that each sprinkler head can let out 25 gallons of water a minute? In this commercial building they had a sprinkler system malfunction, letting out... READ MORE

Roof Leak During a Storm in Wood Dale, IL

Here is a great example that no job is too big for SERVPRO. During a storm, a part of the roof on this business center was ripped off. Throughout the rest of th... READ MORE

Sewage Loss In Bensenville, IL

8 p.m. on a Friday night after a sewage back-up, the commercial maintenance technician decided the work was too much for just one man to clean up. He called SER... READ MORE

Hurricane Harvey Damage in Katy, Texas

We go anywhere to help. This is a before and after of the destructive Hurricane Harvey. In the first picture you can see the dirt on the wall showing you how fa... READ MORE

Kitchen Fire in Chicago, IL

A grease fire in an apartment in Chicago, IL caused a lot of damage from the top floor all the way to the basement. Where there is fire damage there is also wat... READ MORE

Mold in an Office

Mold is sneaky. Office employees were complaining of health complications, but couldn't find the source of the problem. Finally the mold was so bad behind the w... READ MORE

Sprinkler Malfunction in Addison IL

SERVPRO of Lombard/Addison was called in during the construction phase of an office/warehouse where a sprinkler head was accidentally triggered. Our crews were... READ MORE

Biohard Cleanup

SERVPRO of Lombard/Addison was able to cleanup up blood stains in the bathroom of a residential home. Biohazard cleanup is a specialty of SERVPRO of Lombard/Ad... READ MORE

Sewage Waste Cleanup in Chicago, IL

SERVPRO of Lombard/Addison was able to successfully cleanup up water and sewage backup in the lower level of a 3 flat located in Chicago. Our technicians extra... READ MORE