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Pipe Burst in Glen Ellyn, IL Due to Freezing Weather

The pipe in this basement burst after the temperatures dropped to a record breaking low. Even if this homeowner took all the precautions to preventing frozen pi... READ MORE

Fire and Water Clean Up in Oakbrook, IL

This is a classic story of the importance of a sprinkler system. A series of unfortunate events led to the sprinkler system being triggered by a small amount of... READ MORE

Slow Water Leak from Refrigerator Water Line

Sometimes the fix is easier than others. This couple was looking to sell their home. When they had an inspector out, he noted there was a small amount of water ... READ MORE

Storm Cleanup in Minnesota 2019

As you can assume, winter in Minnesota is full of snow. When temperatures reached above freezing it began to rain, and the rain did not stop for 48 hours. The g... READ MORE

Water Heater Burst in Addison, IL

After coming home from work, the last thing you want is to walk downstairs and squish when you step off the stairs. That is what happened to our customer in Add... READ MORE

Bio-Hazard Cleanup in Addison, IL

There was an accident in an apartment. SERVPRO of Lombard/Addison was contacted to clean up any bio-hazardous remains in the living room. Upon arrival there was... READ MORE

Sprinkler Head Burst in Residential Home in Addison, IL

During the freezing temperatures in February a sprinkler froze and expanded the pipe. Over the next few days, when the temperatures rose above freezing, the wat... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage from a Sewer Back-Up

One morning everyone came to work and realized they were squishing on the carpet. Unfortunately, overnight there was a sewage back up from a drain in the wareho... READ MORE

Pipe Burst in Glen Ellyn, IL During January Freeze

This customer was on vacation when he received a call from his security company telling him there was movement in his home. The police were dispatched to his ho... READ MORE

Sewage in a Crawlspace in Villa Park, IL

SERVPRO of Lombard/Addison is ready for anything. We received a call for a home with a significant drain back up in the crawlspace. The owner of the home was u... READ MORE