Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Houston, TX Water Damage from Hurricane Harvey

If you take a close look, you can see the dark line of how high up the water came in this person's home. The water got in because the streets flooded all the way up to the homes, and then flooded into the homes. We were able to help the fortunate people who's homes were not completely submerged into water. In Texas, there aren't basements in their homes. The water would flood their entire first floor. SERVPRO of Lombard/Addison was down there for over 3 weeks helping as many people as we could. 

Lombard Home with Serious Water Damage

Within just a few hours the basement of the home was already seeing secondary damages to a serious water loss. SERVPRO of Lombard/Addison was able to get there right away and start removing all damaged materials. The customer was thankful we were able to arrive so quickly and have a plan devised to prevent any more secondary damages. 

Polar Freeze Pipe Burst Lombard, IL

Every situation is different. When a pipe burst in the basement of this home, the paneling was affected. There was insulation behind the paneling. We were able to remove the paneling, but keep the paneling in tact. When the walls and paneling were dry, the homeowners were able to put the paneling back on the wall. "Like it never even happened."

Hurricane Harvey Damage

Storm damage comes in all different styles. We saw homes with water marks up to their second floors and some with just a few puddles in their family room. This is how we handle minimal damage. We did not need to completely remove the sheet-rock (drywall) because of the minimal damage. SERVPRO of Lombard/Addison was able to create small holes in the wall and place industrial fans and dehumidifiers near by to create air flow behind the sheet-rock. We have the knowledge and training to assess a situation and devise a plan to be a least invasive as possible.