Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Fire Damages

When there is a fire there are definitely going to be secondary damages besides the obvious fire and smoke damage. Here you can see the window was broken by the fire department in order to allow the smoke to escape and allow some equipment into the apartment. We were able to remove all the glass and broken blinds and safely dispose of them off site. 

Smoke and Soot Removal from Upholstery

While cleaning up fire damage in a doctor's office, the office manager told us she was going to throw away the pillows because they were wet and had the smell of smoke on them. We informed her we were able to get rid of the smell of smoke and dry them for her. She was happy we were able to do all we could to save items in the building. We placed them in the "Ozone Room" we have on site at our facility. After 2 days the pillows were back on site "Like it never even happened."

Fire Clean Up in Chicago, IL

When the apartment above had a fire, smoke and soot spread throughout the entire building. The worst damage to the other apartments was from the water used to put out the fire. SERVPRO of Lombard/Addison was able to assess the wet drywall throughout the building and devise a plan that would start the drying process immediately. The tenants in the other apartments were grateful for our quick and efficient work to ensure they weren't displaced from their homes for long.

Kitchen Fire in Chicago, IL

The fire and soot damage was extensive in this apartment. SERVPRO of Lombard/Addison spent weeks cleaning and removing all damaged material from this apartment and the apartments below. The owners were pleased with thoroughness of our work.